Andreas Fürer (*1993) is a Zurich, Switzerland based artist and interaction designer. Always immersed in the contemporary , Andreas explores and expresses clashes of the past and the future in boundary pushing ways.

The focus on the process is not only evident in his UX design but also in his art works.

2017 - 2021
Bachelor Interaction Design
Zurich University of the Arts

2015 - 2017
Architecture / Art History
ETH Zurich / University Zurich
Cyber Lumpy, 2021
Digital Art Platform
Landing Page

Andreas Fürer, Sonjoi Nielsen
The Cyberlumpy platform is intended to financially support the art creation of the artists Andreas Fürer and Sonjoi Nielsen, and will be materialized through a platform.
Ongoing tests such as A/B testing will be conducted on the landing page to gather user feedback to ensure a successful launch of the project.

Wireframe Cyber Lumpy platform, 2022
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