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Weiche Schale Kein Kern
Kleines Urinal
Alternative Realities(AR)
Cyber Lumpy

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Cyber Lumpy
Yeast Buddy
Embodied Sleep

Destructura, Tallinn (EST), 2022
Kunstpause, Zug, 2021
Visarte, Zurich, 2021
Visarte, Kreuzlingen, 2021
Punkt, Toni Areal, Zurich, 2021
Punkt, Toni Areal, Zurich, 2021

Destructura, Tallinn (EST), 2022

Topspreader in SRF, 2021
What Medium, 2019
Andreas Fürer (*1993) is a Zurich, Switzerland based artist and interaction designer. Always immersed in the contemporary , Andreas explores and expresses clashes of the past and the future in boundary pushing ways.

The focus on the process is not only evident in his UX design but also in his art works.

2017 - 2021
Bachelor Interaction Design
Zurich University of the Arts

2015 - 2017
Architecture / Art History
ETH Zurich / University Zurich
Sleep Project, 2020
Datadriven UX Research
Physical Prototype

Andreas Fürer, Edna Hirsbrunner, Michelle Schmid, Danuka Ana Tomas
The project started with the recording of the team members own sleep data.
The idea of empowering the user to gain back ownership his/her past time through optimized sleep was intriguing and was persuaded through prototyping and taking the gathered data into consideration.
The function of the device was to enable the wearer to sleep everywhere they wish and fit the timings to a more efficient sleep cycle.
Online consultation medical sleep doctor, 2020
Own sleep data evaluation, 2020
Three stages of the prototype, 2020

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